Agile Testing Training

Agile development approaches have fundamentally changed how we go about developing software products. But it isn’t always clear how that affects how testing is done. “Is manual testing obsolete?“, “What should be automated and how?“, “Who is responsible for Quality?“, “When should testing happen?“, are some of the difficult questions we address in this two-day class. Participants will better understand what agile testing is, and learn, through practice, techniques they can implement with their teams right the next day.

Rie 💬

“I now understand things I didn’t know about agile testing, such as the four quadrants and ATDD. I can use it immediately in the real world.” March 2023

Haruna 💬

“It was great because there was a lot of exercises” March 2023

Kasumi 💬

“It was fun because it was structured so that after the group work was discussed, the explanation was included, so it was like answering the questions.” March 2023

Yuusuke 💬

“It was good to have discussions based on case studies to learn about other people’s perspectives.” March 2023


Testers, QA engineers and their colleagues on a software development team (developers, analysts, Product Owners Scrum Masters)


Two days with possibility to shorten depending on needs


  • Remote / F2F / Hybrid
  • Japanese / English

Agenda overview

  • Complexity and agility
  • Scrum in a nutshell
  • Potentially shippable increments and the Definition of Done
  • What is testing, what is agile testing
  • Agile testing in practice
    • ATDD, BDD, and how to guide development with tests
    • Continuous Integration and test automation
    • Exploratory testing and pair testing
  • Metrics that support agile testing
  • Using ChatGPT and other AI tools to improve test efficacy
  • The skills and traits of the agile tester
  • Scenario based discussions
  • Putting it all together, debrief and takeaways

If you want to learn more about this class, feel free to reach out to us so we can discuss your situation and needs: