Scrum Master Mentoring

At Agorax, we are convinced that Scrum Master is a senior role that is hard to … Master! We offer to mentor Scrum Masters, individually or in small groups. We use two techniques for this: Supervision and Shadowing.

 Scrum Master Supervision

Supervision is a collaborative learning practice that builds the capability of the Scrum Master through open, reflective dialogue.

Supervision can be 1 on 1 or in small groups. While the 1 on 1 format allows for deeper, more personal conversations, small group supervision allows Scrum Masters to learn from each other and feel mutual support.

We find that 1 hour of supervision per week or so works well for most people. But frequency and duration of the sessions can be accomodated.

If you want to know more about Supervision, feel free to get in touch.

 Scrum Master Shadowing

Shadowing consists in observing work practices, behavior and communication flow at the workplace. When shadowing a Scrum Master, we typically join some of the Scrum events and observe the Scrum Master as they interact with the Scrum Team. We then provide unbiased feedback, based on what we observed as well as advice and coaching as necessary.

Shadowing is a powerful tool that provides Scrum Masters with unique insights about their current strengths, development opportunities, and how to maximize their contribution to their teams. A typical Shadowing program will last for a couple Sprints, and include 4~6 hours of observation, and another 4~6 hours of feedback, consultation and coaching.

If you want to know more about Shadowing, feel free to get in touch.

Sample 1~2 months Scrum Master Shadowing program

The above is only a sample but if that is something you may benefit from, please connect 👇