Base rates

The prices disclosed below are only our base rates. We will make proposals according to the client’s needs, location, budget, etc. So please feel free to contact us.

Base rate

220,000 JPY /day

Sample scenario: Scrum Master for 1-2 Scrum Teams

  • Role: Scrum Master
  • Mission: Support 1-2 Scrum Teams. Help the Scrum Team improve its effectiveness by uncovering their issues and opportunities, teaching relevant practices, removing obstacles, mentoring the Product Owner, coaching stakeholders to interact with the Scrum Teams, etc.
  • Effort: ~3 days / week
  • Cost: ~2,640,000 JPY / month
development team having a conference call
partners making agreement

Sample scenario 2: Agile Coach for a mid-sized development organization

  • Role: Agile Coach
  • Mission: Mentor the client Scrum Masters so that they can in-turn best serve their Scrum Teams and organizations. Teach Scrum and other concepts, practices and frameworks that support agile product development and the success of the organization. Coach managers and executives to understand and adopt an agile mindset, empower their teams, and remove obstacles.
  • Effort: ~2 days / week
  • Cost: ~1,760,000 JPY / month