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【new】Japan Scrum Master / Agile Coach Salary Survey Report #1
The purpose of this survey was to investigate the annual salary trends of Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters in Japan. It also provides one source of information for understanding the characteristics (background, experience, industry, etc.) of Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters. We hope that the results also support people in managing their careers. Although similar surveys have been conducted globally, global trends and Japanese trends are not necessarily the same, so we decided to conduct this survey only in Japan. If you are interested, please download the report and check our findings.

Achieving true agility is not an easy feat. It involves changing the mindsets, the structures and the habits across the organization. However, beyond the buzz word, agility is a true competitive advantage to organizations that are doing it right.

Ability to Innovate

Maximize your organization’s ability to deliver new capabilities and innovative solutions by reducing time wasted working on undesired features, and removing systemic impediments that slow teams down.

Happy Customers

Deliver what customers really want, faster than your competitors, by using an empirical approach where hypothesis get validated quickly, incrementally.

Engaged Employees

Give your teams the autonomy and the environment they need to collaborate, with purpose, towards clear goals.

High Quality Products

Consistently deliver high-quality products by teaching and empowering your teams to implement engineering best practices and tools.

Professional Scrum™ Training Schedule

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Agorax can help your teams and organization achieve the above through a combination of services.

Scrum Master

As Scrum Masters, we help our teams understand and apply the Scrum framework with purpose, and we lead them to greater effectiveness. Learn more about our value proposition as Scrum Masters 👈

Agile Coaching

As Agile Coaches, we help our clients articulate their vision and picture a change journey that works for them. We make systemic impediments visible. We give advice, we teach, we facilitate. Learn more about our value proposition as Agile Coaches 👈

Agile Training

As Trainers, we teach a variety of practices, concepts and mindsets that enable agility. Learn more about our Agile Training service 👈

Scrum Master Mentoring

We are convinced that Scrum Master is a true leadership role that is hard to … Master! We mentor Scrum Masters, individually or in small groups, in short sessions. Learn more about our Scrum Master Mentoring service 👈

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